Have you ever thought of switching from oil to natural gas?

It is a question that has been lingering in the minds of a lot of people lately. Whether it is a good idea to dump the oil and go for gas heating. The answer to this question has eluded many people, leaving them in a dilemma. However, there are many factors to consider when you have to pick the best option between these two heating fuels. If you have been using oil, then the question of whether to switch from it or not can be adequately answered by looking at the benefits and the demerits of natural gas and then comparing them with those of oil. In this piece, we highlight the pros and cons of natural gas.


1. Natural Gas is eco-friendly

In comparison to oil, natural gas is more environmentally friendly. It emits very few pollutants into the air because it burns more efficiently. Hence, it is considered to burn perfectly and does not produce soot, odours or ash. If you switch from oil to gas, you won’t need a large tank for storage as in the case of oil. It is also not toxic if inhaled by humans in small quantities.

2. Natural gas is safer than oil

The producers of natural gas always add a given odorant to it. This becomes useful in case of a gas leak. When the gas leaks, it can be smelt and then it becomes possible to quickly fix it. The safety record of natural gas is much better than that of oil when used for heating.

3. Natural gas is reliable, efficient, and economical

The gas is often delivered to your premises via a system of pipes. This eliminates the need for having a tank or any deliveries to be made. Since most of the oil is imported, it’s price often fluctuates and mostly becomes overly expensive. However, natural gas does not require importation and therefore, its price doesn’t change significantly. It is often not likely to find that natural gas has been depleted and is unavailable. It is always there whenever you need it.

4. Natural gas requires very little maintenance

Natural gas heating is clean and doesn't require that you have a chimney which is expensive to clean. Since it does not need storing within your home, it won’t require much maintenance either because there is no equipment that you need to look after.

5. It is easy to transport Natural gas

Transporting natural gas from power plants to the home is easy. This is why if you choose to use gas for heating, you’re never likely to run out of gas.


1. It is highly flammable

If it leaks and not fixed in time, it can result in fires and dangerous explosions. Though an odorant is often added to it, it loses the smell with time and therefore endangering lives if close attention is not paid to it. This will not be an issue in most cases as you will be sure to smell the gas.

2. Causes the greenhouse effect

Although a cleaner option over oil, it’s byproducts can accumulate with time to cause a greenhouse effect. This effect is hazardous to the environment as it affects the ozone layer. 

Gas heating is evidently a better option for most people who are concerned with the safety of the environment and love efficiency, among other benefits of gas heating. It is, therefore, a great idea to give natural gas a try for yourself.